What are the best services for hiring freelance writers?

It is a well known fact that the Writing is the creativity of your ideas. The creativity may be obtained with lots of reading and research. You can analyze the work of several content writers and determine how the writers play with words. As a writer, you are finding best services for hiring freelance writers and freelance content writing jobs.

I suggest joining many freelancer portals and providing those a shot. The main site I recommend to everyone is contentmart.com; you can find high quality writers from around the world.



  • Quick Support
  • 0% commission
  • Access to thousands of trained writers
  • Proper Documentation
  • Built-in checks for uniqueness
  • confirmed themes, portfolio, Reviews and languages
  • 100% refund if client doesn’t like content
  • Automated payments
  • Fixed deadline

This portal enables businesses seeking for content for their social media channels, websites or any other source link with content contributors.

There are several authors want to write content, so you can have an article within a couple of hours. Obviously, this relies upon the sort of guidelines that you give. The more dubious you are, the less eager writers will be to get your article.

As a client, you can reject the authors work if you are not satisfied with the article and it will do a reversal into the writer’s pool to be gotten by another person. This implies you never need to take an article you are not fulfilled by. freelance technical content writing jobs online.


After you discover a few journalists you like on contentmart, you can pick them as your ‘most loved authors’ with the goal that you get the same quality on numerous occasions as opposed to pondering who is going to compose your article and whether it will be any great. This spares a great deal of time.

After registering on ContentMart, customers can post their necessities, including a depiction of the undertaking/task, most extreme and least value range, and word limit. They can choose the author they need from among the offers got for that specific venture. Once the task is submitted, customers can award it and just once they endorse it the payment is discharged to the content writer.

If there should be an occurrence of authors, in the wake of enrolling with the stage they can see every live venture accessible and place offers for the ones they’re keen on. Once a customer allocates a task to an author, they have to finish it inside the stipulated day and age and submit.

No all the more having your content stolen without payment. The content is yours until the customer pays for it; by then, you are giving the rights to utilize that content to the customer while you get the cash you coveted for the material gave.


How to Earn a Great Living as a Freelance Writer in India

It is possible to earn income from your writing aptitudes regardless of the possibility that you don’t have any formal training of writing. There are a few courses which are provided on the web. When you have finished the course, you will have the capacity to get cash and decide your own schedule.


There are many home-based businesses and they need marketing brochures, freelance ad copy content writers, website content and press releases. It offers you a chance to get paid for writing. Research about the different home-based organizations in your general vicinity and methodology the proprietors to get an opportunity to independent for them. It might appear to be troublesome when you begin however with time, you will have gained a few faithful customers to give traditional work to permit you to make money.

There are a few books which are distributed every year and you can exploit this chance to earn income writing by looking into the different books that are on offer. The surveys can incorporate a rundown of the content that is offered in the books. In the event that you are surveying books, you need to talk about the different characters included. When you have looked into a book or novel, you can approach a supervisor. This chance to win from your writing is an incredible thought if you are searching for presentation in a part of the main review sites.


Travel articles also give a successful approach to earn income writing. There are different worldwide and neighborhood travel productions which require new content following a couple of months. This offers you a chance to experiment with a portion of the attractions and facilities in the range to concoct fitting content. This implies separated structure permitting you to earn income thinking of, you will have the capacity to go to different destinations. There are a few open doors accessible in the event that you will end up being your own particular manager and work at your own particular comfort.

The greater parts of the general population who earn income writing are professional writers. This implies they give content to different essayists for a specific charge. As a professional writer, your name won’t show up on the material along these lines you won’t get kudos for the work yet despite everything you earn income writing.

Dominant part of the organizations around the globe has sites and they require content all the time and this offers you another opportunity to earn income writing. This is one of the most ideal approaches to earn income writing since you know the precise organization that you are managing. Organizations want to outsource these services since it is less costly for them.

5 Writing Tips to Creating a Page Turner

As a content writer, the most effective feeling you can tap into is interest. You wish the reader to stick around and see what happens at last. Here are 5 tips to create a page turner.

Write the truth

With regards to picking a topic for a book, the writer says that you can write content in regards to totally anything, insofar as it is valid. You can compose on any topic; sci-fi, awfulness or the powerful, and after that utilization what you think about genuine and your own particular encounters to breathe life into the story.


Little inquiries can prompt bigger ones.

You don’t need to begin of your novel with something sensational: a blast, a body dropping, a lady remaining on a window sill. It requires investment to manufacture the universe of a novel. If you present the fundamental clash of the novel too early, the reader may not give it a second thought: your characters are outsiders, all things considered.

Rather, you could begin with a calmer circumstance: your fundamental character awakens with a headache, and doesn’t recall what happened the prior night. A youngster scans the house for his missing treat. A taxicab driver gets a delightful lady who he supposes he perceives.


Try not to use huge words

Something else that numerous journalists are blameworthy of is utilizing long words when short ones will carry out the occupation pretty much too. In Stephen King on Writing, the writer cautions against falling into this trap, saying that it resembles “sprucing up your family unit pet in night garments”.

Compose for the delight of writing

Despite the fact that he has profited from his books, he says that he has never composed a solitary word that was driven by profiting.


Make a layering of Questions.

While there is an overall question that keeps the reader turning pages till the end of the book, 400 pages is quite a while to sit tight for answer. If you, the essayist, withhold all data all through the book, the reader will get baffled, and quit perusing.

You must present littler inquiries all through the book, and to answer them at various times. In my second novel, as my taxi driver battles to discover the on-screen character’s killer, he brings up with a dance club master; yet what is she escaping him? What precisely is going on at her club? Also, do they wind up together? While the fundamental question remains covered in riddle, these littler puzzles keep the book moving from part to section.

5 Tips for Writing for Online Readers

  1. Individuals who are seeking for information online need answers at the pace of lightning. You no more have the solace or convenience of taking lots of time writing long fragments of anything. Individuals need the exact data they’re searching for promptly, so in case you’re not the master in the right position, readers have the flexibility to quickly go to another person’s site.


Use “you”

To make your content more individual, utilize “you” frequently in content. This helps the reader feel like it’s an easygoing, “just companions talking” discussion. Keeping up an informative yet amiable article is the zenith of Internet content writing jobs and article marketing. Individuals love feeling like they have customized consideration managed for them. Isn’t that right?

Conceptualize to get thoughts

Considering a topic before writing is an essential step towards making a winning bit of writing. Having gathered materials on the subject and took a gander at it from various edges, it is currently time to outline your article. While there are PC models for conceptualizing, nothing works superior to anything crude thinking and mapping utilizing pen and paper. Make the fundamental linkages in your content.


Make a draft

Writing an article based on the layout you made while sorting out your work is the approach. Drafting is not about being correct but rather catching the embodiment of your content. Try not to trouble with the underlined words on your assertion processor; the truth will surface eventually to settle all blunders. Spill out your heart as the thoughts ring a bell. When you are certain you have said all you needed to, stop.

Edit draft

Presently you can deal with the mistakes you made on the draft. Now, recall that you are taking a shot at both mechanical and content mistakes. It is critical regardless the last mentioned. Guarantee the content streams actually and that you don’t have unexplained or conflicting thoughts. Check the guidelines by and by to ensure you have forgotten nothing. Continue to check language structure, spelling and accentuation. Online software can prove to be useful, yet believe your eye too.


Making it readable

The reader needs succinctness now, so keep it short, they are not searching for elegant exposition or proof of what number of huge words the author knows. They need the data that they are searching for laid out just and effectively before them so they can process effortlessly. Short clear sentences and little sections as there is nothing more off-putting than substantial squares of waffling content.

How to Find Real Online Writing Jobs?

Are you wondering for how to find Real Online Writing Jobs? If yes, then you have come to the right page.  In this post, I am going to tell you a few ways to find Real Online Writing Jobs.

1. Freelance Websites

On the internet, several freelance writing service websites exist to serve as middlemen. At these freelance writing websites, many companies, business owners and webmasters outsource their writing tasks. Thus, if you are seeking for real online writing jobs, you may join these websites as a content writer. You can find out contentment portal which provides content writing services only. Here, registration is totally free.  After login as a writer, you need to pass an English test, then you can bid for those writing projects.

Online Writing Jobs

However, you will not earn much from those projects; you need to take them very seriously. This is a great chance for you to get some good reviews and to get some good experience.

2. Build your own blog or website

Having an online presence is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Freelance writing tasks have gained a new aspect due to the professionalism that is needed, and get avoid of the conscienceless operators. By purchasing your own site you are able to promote your amazing writing jobs, thereby having the added benefit of selling your services and product through a medium utilized by most folks.

3. Contact Web Masters

You can find Real Online Writing Jobs by contacting web masters and provide your content writing services. This is an amazing method because lots of folks are doing this and get great result. Thus, you may not face lots of competition. Obviously, not each web master may response you.

Business concepts
Online Writing Work

For instance, if you are good in writing about relationship niche, you may contact web masters who own sites associated with the relationships. So, you should contact many website owners.

4. Join writing forums

The writing forums play a vital role in building up networking, relations, and ultimately carrying both money and work to you. Forums may also act as middlemen between you and your customer. By joining a famous forum you may promote your services with samples and get lots of orders.

To sum up

When you apply to Real Online Writing Jobs, don’t provide personal details like your SS number or credit card to folks. Never add these things in your resume as you are establishing a virtual relationship in searching a freelance writing job, so be aware in all the things you do.

I hope these above mentioned ways will be helpful for you to find Real Online Writing Jobs. Don’t hesitate, just try out the methods and get great amount of work.

Simple Tips for Writing Persuasive Web Content

Do you have a great writing skill and want to turn this skill into a profession? Wondering what are the requirements for a content to impress customers? In order to be called as a content writer, framing new and complex words into sentences with meaning is not sufficient; there is a lot more it. Few simple tips are here:


First information, the most important information:

It is essential to create curiosity for your readers, at the same time important information should be shared within the first few sentences. Dragging the article with words by delaying the information will kill reader’s interest. Stay focused while framing and creating the layout for each sub-headings. Don’t confuse readers with excessive and redundant information.

Be creative and not clever:

The information should be clear, crisp and precise. Along with this, the tone in which message should be communicated has to be considered. Some need informational and professional tone, while some should be of interactive form. Frame words creatively and as per the requirement. Do not deviate at any point from customers’ requirements.

Write for scanners:

Research has proved that most people just scan through the contents; rarely few put an effort the ready word-by-word. Thus it is essential to highlight important words and sentences. Sub-headings and bulleting in the articles will be of great help for scanners. Image captions and the first paragraph are given more importance. Thus article writing services ensure these features are incorporated in the article.

Web Design Content Creative Website Responsive Concept

Use familiar words:

All freelance writing should be in simple and familiar words. An informative and simply worded content will be valued by customers instead of long and complex worded ones. Care-words should be used as people will feel more personalized and connected to the contents. While web content writing, it is important to consider lazy people in mind, they will not take much effort to find meaning for your wordings and will move on to better-worded articles.

Make it stress-free for seekers to find articles:

To make searching easy for customers, writing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. Answer potential questions, highlight important words (keywords) by highlights, CAPS, italics or bold text, include relevant website pages related to the topic. Also give statistics and evidence wherever possible in the content to make it informative.

To summarize if the positioning is right along with all the above-mentioned tips its quiet easier to be notable on the web. Clear message helps create persuasive web contents. Treat article writing as advertisement and try to get your message across to customers quickly and always end with a call-to-action. Always keep in mind two questions- are your customers able to find articles quickly? Does it offer what they are looking for?

How to Hire a World-Class Blog Writer?

Looking to hire a world-class blog writer? Blogging is a kind of passion for some folks who wish to do it by their own and for some other persons it is a profession with all the responsibilities. If you’re a busy person who needs to handle both professional work and passion then, it would be quite difficult for the person to spare time for both the things. If you don’t have adequate time to look at and spend some time on developing your blog, you will then realize that you’re in the need of a freelance writer.


How to Hire a World-Class Blog Writer?
Hire a World-Class Blog Writer

Hire a blog writer! This comes into picture when you’re unable to focus on your blog all by yourself. It is quite simple to find a solution as hiring a ghost writer online. When coming to implementation, you’ll probably understand the difficulty of hiring a prodigious content writer. Do you know how to pick a world-class blog writer? Fortunately, we had quite a lot experience in this regard of hiring content writers for various blogs and websites. We have compiled a few major elements that every blogger must look into before hiring a blog writer.

How to Hire a Top-Notch Blog Writer?
Like many other usual jobs recruitment notifications, you don’t have such possibility of finding exceptional blog writers. The best and easiest way to look out for a top-notch blog writer is to filter all the popular digital online marketing blogs. Usually, you can find incredible blog writers or freelance writers on the best popular blogs or websites. An exceptional blog writer should have the ability to write content for any topic without any copy content instead it should come out from his own skill of writing and presenting it on the blog.


hire blog writers
hire blog writers

Sometimes, you can find on popular blogs like ‘Accepts Guest Writers or Guest Posts’. If you look into the content of such writers by giving them a chance, you can sort out the right writer by checking out their outstanding writing capacities. Usually, if a freelance writer or a content writer was capable enough to get his/her content published on any of the websites of blogs, you can then confirm that that person is avirtuous and worthyblog writer.

Potentials that a world-class Writer Must Possess

Here, we have compiled a list with all the details regarding the potentials of a world-class blog writer must hold before you hire them for filling up your Freelance Writing Jobs in your company. Let’s get started looking into the abilities of an exceptional blog or content writer.

1. Simple yet Striking Style of Writing

None of the reader wishes to read an article that is presented in a format like an essay. It is quite essential for every blog writer to write content in such a way that just by giving a glance over the title and presentation, it should allure the reader or visitor of a blog. Pick a blog writer who has such talents of attracting a reader upon reading the title of the post itself.


High Quality Wrters
High Quality Wrters

2. Analyse Proficiency

You need to analyse the abilities of a writer by analysing the technical skills and proficiency of a particular blog writer. The writer must possess a talent of grabbing the focus of a reader within few seconds. Regardless of the size of the content, you must be quite attentive at the genuineness and the legitimacy of the content. To say it in short, your content must be brief that ultimately hooks the reader to your blog.

3. LogicalSkills

This element could be proved with the help of making use of facts and data by the blog writer. You need to hire a blog writer who has logical as well as analytical skills in writing the content. The most important factor is that the writer must be aware and some knowledge on what topic he writes and presents before the reader. Writing facts is a major element for a content writer and that point must be focused by a leader before hiring a content or freelance writer.

These are the essential points that must be evaluated in a blog writer before hiring them for writing content on your blog.

5 Ways Of content marketing that can drive you Bankrupt – Fast!

Content marketing has come up as a very good way to help your brand when it comes to the promotion. But when you are not making use of the right strategy and tricks, there are good chances that you might ruin all your business. This is why one needs to be shrewd and sensible while making use of these techniques to give new heights to your business.

Content Marketing

Plan a proper strategy for your content marketing

Here are some of the ways which you shall look to avoid or soon you will lose all your business and progress towards bankruptcy:

  • First and foremost, quality of content is one of the most important things that you shall look to keep in mind and as such you must not go for content writers that make silly mistakes in the content that they put. Even a slight mistake can completely change the meaning and purpose of the article and may be a start of downfall for you. So, you must look for professional writers that can help you with the content that makes an appeal to the customers and helps you in promotion of your business.
  • When you are a small business house, you must look to spend miserly on the content marketing and content writing. When you spend too much money and take help of professionals, it sometimes may not give you instant results and as such, there are good chances that the cost of marketing starts to take its toll on you and may even drive you bankrupt.
  • Some of you also make use of paid ads and reviews for the promotion of your business which may or may not give the desired results. When you put in some good money and it doesn’t help you, you start losing big time and may even have to shut down the business if you are not a very big business house.
  • Some of you also put up your savings and money at home for the sake of promotion and in such a case, it might give you quick results. If it doesn’t, you might lose all your savings and might be bankrupt
  • Sometimes, you don’t assign a proper budget to the marketing and make heavy investments which might backfire and you may have to shut down the business as well.

So, you must be very smart while opting for the content marketing strategy and can also go for the free blogs and sites to start the content marketing campaign. You must also get the content designed by yourself in the beginning and as such, you don’t have any negative impact on your business which is desirable for any business house especially in the initial phase.


Have you ever thought of a delicacy that rejuvenates your mind ? Should it always be the gourmet dishes or herbs?

The true bliss to the mind comes when it comes across a good writing. And what we call a good writing is characterized by freshness and originality.

Are you a CONTENT WRITER , trying to imbibe success through your originality? Here are a few tricks and techniques to make your path simpler!

Writing Tips
Writing Tips

1)The best trick is to choose the topic of your expertise or interest. It obviously makes your work easier and gives space to blotch it with your creativity .You can think the best when you possess a good knowledge about it , isn’t it? So stop trying to be a jack of all trades and chose to work on the topics that are of your interest.

2)Have a repository to update all the information you gain on the area of your expertise . Follow newspaper columns ,BLOG WRITINGS etc to be upto date .This makes it easier to transform your knowledge into your styled original content, without missing anything!

3)Add your experiences that will add your own personal touch to the article.It might be an article on food,beauty,books etc; add your tricks and experiments that mark it unique.They might be your little baking tips to major beauty and lifestyle hacks,try adding them to make the article more useful and engaging

Content Writing
Content Writing

4)Try adding the images or any visual content, that you have encountered on your research to make the article more engaging. Isn’t it a good way to make a reader understand the article better and improve his/her reading experience?Involve yourself more by creating your own images on quotes or whatever related to the topic. This certainly is a fine touch of your orginality and creativity in the sea of writers in ONLINE CONTENT WRITING JOBS.

5)Do not limit yourself to venture into a new style of writing . Who knows , you might be the first and set a new trend!.It is hard to advance without innovation. Let all the hidden ideas come out of the mind closet and splash the article with creativity !

6)Use your humour with trending topics to make attractive headings .This is what pulls the readers and prevents them from skipping.But be careful not to play a lousy game here,do it if you feel confident and the idea involves no controversies.

7)Highlight the areas you feel confident to be fresh in your article. This little trick fixes the mind of readers that they are reading something new,and increases viewership.

So what is still pulling you back ? Buckle upand take the initiative ! Keep collecting information and experiment your writing style to let your originality bloom.

Online Writing: Places to find jobs

In case you’re an independent writer, the assignment of discovering quality, well-paying gigs can be an overwhelming one. Where do you even begin? How can you promise the jobs you’re taking a gander at are genuine rather than tricks?

How about we get the awful news off the beaten path first: the Internet is packed with individuals why willing pay pennies on the dollar should for quite a long time of your exceptionally gifted time. You must very well be aware of not getting into the trap of these individuals who just want free work.


The uplifting news is that we’re here to help you get rid of the junk and discover the locales that are justified regardless of your time and exertion, because we know that it is exhausting for you as a writer. Whether you’re a copywriter, supervisor, inventive writer or anything in the middle of, these locales offer the well-paying, respectable independent writing jobs you truly need.

Even better? While some destinations charge a month to month expense to get to their occupation postings, the greater part of the assets beneath are free.

So where would you be able to discover independent gigs?

BloggingPro Job Board

Also posting a solid dosage of copywriting jobs (you can seek postings by classification), this board is, as the name recommends, straight up a blogger’s back street. Whether you’re into wellbeing and wellness, pets, writing code or what have you, you’ll locate a constant flow of managers searching for web journal writers versed in these and numerous different subjects.


Freelance Writing Gigs

While anything on Craigslist ought to be brought with a grain of salt, this website increases your odds of finding a conventional gig by merging writing work posts from Craigslist sheets the whole way across the nation, permitting you to find web writing gigs you may never check whether you were just skimming your nearby board. All things considered, Craigslist is still Craigslist. This site tries to reject any posts that look like tricks, however the onus is still on you to vet every posting painstakingly.

Journalism Jobs

While a large portion of the postings are (you gotten it once more!) for those intrigued by news-casting jobs, you don’t as a matter of course need to have Lois Lane dreams to discover a gig here. There are additionally altering positions, advertisement copywriting and different jobs tossed in with the general mish-mash. Some are area based, some should be possible remotely.

LinkedIn Jobs: 

If you’ve as of now got a LinkedIn profile (and you must as a writer), don’t simply give it a chance to stay there. Organizing goes far in the independent world, and LinkedIn is an extraordinary asset to do connect to the right people in the business. You can also try the marketplaces like content mart.