Have you ever thought of a delicacy that rejuvenates your mind ? Should it always be the gourmet dishes or herbs?

The true bliss to the mind comes when it comes across a good writing. And what we call a good writing is characterized by freshness and originality.

Are you a CONTENT WRITER , trying to imbibe success through your originality? Here are a few tricks and techniques to make your path simpler!

Writing Tips
Writing Tips

1)The best trick is to choose the topic of your expertise or interest. It obviously makes your work easier and gives space to blotch it with your creativity .You can think the best when you possess a good knowledge about it , isn’t it? So stop trying to be a jack of all trades and chose to work on the topics that are of your interest.

2)Have a repository to update all the information you gain on the area of your expertise . Follow newspaper columns ,BLOG WRITINGS etc to be upto date .This makes it easier to transform your knowledge into your styled original content, without missing anything!

3)Add your experiences that will add your own personal touch to the article.It might be an article on food,beauty,books etc; add your tricks and experiments that mark it unique.They might be your little baking tips to major beauty and lifestyle hacks,try adding them to make the article more useful and engaging

Content Writing
Content Writing

4)Try adding the images or any visual content, that you have encountered on your research to make the article more engaging. Isn’t it a good way to make a reader understand the article better and improve his/her reading experience?Involve yourself more by creating your own images on quotes or whatever related to the topic. This certainly is a fine touch of your orginality and creativity in the sea of writers in ONLINE CONTENT WRITING JOBS.

5)Do not limit yourself to venture into a new style of writing . Who knows , you might be the first and set a new trend!.It is hard to advance without innovation. Let all the hidden ideas come out of the mind closet and splash the article with creativity !

6)Use your humour with trending topics to make attractive headings .This is what pulls the readers and prevents them from skipping.But be careful not to play a lousy game here,do it if you feel confident and the idea involves no controversies.

7)Highlight the areas you feel confident to be fresh in your article. This little trick fixes the mind of readers that they are reading something new,and increases viewership.

So what is still pulling you back ? Buckle upand take the initiative ! Keep collecting information and experiment your writing style to let your originality bloom.


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